A small Victory for me

My work recently hired and fired a "Tech Guy". This guy was a total asshole the entire time he worked for us, and keep in mind, we're a non-profit agency that has done great things for the community since 1980. So he comes in and basically takes advantage of a lot of our staff that are not as tech savvy as he is. And really, he wasn't all that tech savvy. I'd say I know a lot of people personally who know more about computers than this guy, but I digress.

The point of this posting is to tell of how I wooped his ass big time recently. First, a little background. This guy teaches Microsoft Office classes at MJC. He is hugely anti-piracy. He prides himself as a professional photographer which he does as a side-job. When my work found out about this my bosses decided they wanted some photos taken and enlarged to 24X36 for fundraisers, informational booths, and so forth. Then they realized that they needed 30 for a big fundraiser coming up that raises a lot of money for us. So they had this guy take a bunch of pictures of kids that had photo releases signed, and with the aid of my superiors narrowed the pictures down to an initial 20 to be enlarged.

Here's the summation of his ridiculous "take advantage of non-profits" attitude and my "I'm the best at everything" attitude collided. He enlarged the pictures, realized that he needed to some sharpening because of massive distortion caused by blowing up a digital image to such sizes. After his working he had earned himself about 32+ hours of work on these 20 images. Shortly after he was fired for other reasons. A week after this my bosses realized they still needed about ten more pictures, they were talking about it within earshot of me and talking about how he went on and on about pixels. They turned to me and jokingly asked if I knew anything about pixels. To which I replied "Of course, I'm Travis, I know everything about everything" which came out more as "yeah, a little bit." So they asked if I might be able to enlarge the pictures to the same size, and how much time it should take. Being honest I told them I was unsure, I had never done anything like that, but I'd be more than willing to give it a shot. So bets were places sides were taken and after 15 minutes of work I sent a sample of the first image I edited. After 2 hours I had finished 10 pictures. I brought them in to work, and my boss said order them.

And the big win. Today I got a call from my boss's assistant. The photos had come in, and she was so excited she had to call and let me know how well they came out. Once I heard this I became very excited and I drove to work on my day off to see. and to my surprise, she was right. My images had less distortion than his images. At 1/16th of the time I did half the work with a higher quality result. And of course, I am now feeling on top of the world! I have always prided myself as somewhat of a photographer, but I know I lack the equipment to be a true professional. And I do enjoy editing digital images, but generally as an artistic endeavor and not so much for professional use. So a project like this was so far from my normal photographic missions. To have such a positive outcome has just made me so happy.

And the joy of showing that not only was he a time-wasting asshole, but that someone with probably less photographic experience, and far less photographic equipment could produce a higher quality image than himself does not feel bad.

I forgot to mention, that this guy once made a complaint. He said that he didn't like having to do "Travis" jobs because they were beneath him.
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Guerneville, CA

This last weekend was possibly the best weekend of my life.

It started on Friday when I went to Tawny's class (at the school cafe) and had delicious food, macadamia encrusted tuna steak on curried quinoa, soooo goood.

Then on Saturday we went to Guerneville and stayed at this hotel place that just has a bunch of little cottages. So we had our own little cottage, which was awesome. We spent saturday checking out Guerneville, which has an awesome vintage thrift store, which I need to return to soon to buy things! There's really not much other stuff in that town though. So we drive a little ways to the East, and a little to the West. Found some random kids in this town with a population of 85, and they were staring at me and Tawny, and the we remembered, we were driving Jordan's 07' Mustang GT! so I popped it into neutral and gave them a nice growl, they were impressed and I felt good, haha. I know that sounds lame, but it still felt great. Then around 9 we decided we wanted fast food, and soon found out the nearest fast food was in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa, which are 15-20 miles away. So we drove to Burger King! Then we went back, got ice cream, and went to bed.

Then, on Sunday we got up early, ate some free continental breakfast and took off. now to put this in perspective it takes about 30 minutes to get from Guerneville to Bodega Bay and about 30 minutes from Bodega Bay back to Rohnert Park. But we decided to pull off at every stop on Sonoma Coast between Jenner and Bodega Bay, including driving all the way out to Bodega Head which was an awesome drive. and we ended up taking about 2 hours to get from Guerneville to the Tides in Bodega Bay where we ate clam chowder. The Tides has the best clam chowder I've ever had, btw, but sadly they do have off days, but today was hella on, it was amazing. From there we took another hour to get back to Rohnert Park making a quick detour in Bodega to get coffee and look at the schoolhouse. Last time we saw the schoolhouse it looked exactly the same as it did in The Birds, but this time they had painted the outside, it was strange, especially since the back of it was exactly the same.

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Prop 8

I just wanted my turn to whine about prop 8 a bit.

So basically here are the benefits of supporting prop 8
I was gonna do cynical explanations of each one, but I couldn't actually find a way of defending some of them, even in a pretend way...

1. Marriage Certificates
I have to admit, this was a new one when I heard my fried tell me that marriage certificates would be changed to "Party A" and "Party B" and I don't really care what my marriage certificate says, but I guess it matters to some people, from what I learned after researching this, it mattered to a lot of homosexuals as well, and so because of public outcry, it had already been changed by the time I was told this. So now it just lets you check off what each partner wants to be called. I've already got dibs on Bride.

2. Schools
This one bothers me quite a bit for a few reasons. The claims made are so outrageous and pointless, and unfounded. The big claim of this one is that kids as young as in kindergarten will be taught that gay marriage is okay. My problem with this is two-fold, 1. big deal, we should teach acceptance to children young. 2. it's not true. plain and simple, this one is a lie. Marriage is part of CA sexual health and education classes, which are not required, and you can sign a waiver to take your child out of this learning experience.

3. Rogue Judges
I guess this one kind of makes sense, Judges that were appointed to the office because of their ability to make good judgement, and their advanced understanding of the legal system decided that it was unconstitutional to deny the rights of any American/Californian citizen. Even though California had already voted to ban same-sex marriage. Now here, even though there is a valid argument, and I really wish we could have shut down prop 8 with votes alone, we didn't. But Freedom doesn't come down to a mere vote. It takes a lot more than majority vote to deny someone's rights. Just because the majority has voted twice to ban same-sex marriage doesn't make them right. The fact remains that American citizens, like you and I, are being denied what others can have, and it's not because they can't have the same kind of love, it's because people don't want them to have the same kind of love, and that is bullshit. This is not a controversial issue to me, because the right answer seems so clear. As Americans we have certain freedoms and inalienable rights, these "Rogue Judges" saw that freedoms and rights were being taken from one group of people, and decided that it wasn't right.

4. "Proposition 8 is about preserving marriage; it’s not an attack on the gay lifestyle. Proposition 8 doesn’t take away any rights or benefits of gay or lesbian domestic partnerships. Under California law, “domestic partners shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits” as married spouses. (Family Code § 297.5.) There are NO exceptions. Proposition 8 WILL NOT change this."
That is taken directly from

all I can say to that is NO. it is absolutely an attack on the gay lifestyle, if it wasn't you wouldn't accept donations from churches. You hide behind the fact that those 14 words were voted into the constitution before, but that doesn't mean it's not an attack, this is a full frontal assault, this is you saying "our water fountain is called marriage, it's clean and tidy and the water tastes great, your water fountain is called domestic partnership, it's basically the same water, but nobody will clean yours, and we can continue to feel superior"

The water may be coming from the same place, but the message it sends is Anti-American. Voting Yes on Prop 8 means you just voted in favor of prejudice, bigotry, and it's a vote against the American Way. Voting No on Prop 8 was the patriotic choice.

There is one more argument I've heard, but it was quite ridiculous so I'm putting it at the end

Legalizing gay marriage will lead to legalizing marriage between humans and animals.

Now if that isn't an attack I'm not sure what is. Equating gay marriage to inter-species relations is extremely hurtful, even to a hetero like me. Let me make this simple, a man loving a man is not the same as a man loving a dog, and that is a scientific fact. Sure gays can procreate, so it's not the natural order, but we see other animals with homosexual tendencies in the wild. however, human beings have the capacity to love one another with all their hearts, and I feel it's very clear that loving an animal in a romantic, sexual way is a clear indicator of severe mental health issues.

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Yahoo Answers

It only took me three days to get suspsended. I think my best violation was when a girl said her vagina was really small, and asked about if sex would hurt. My answer was "Hey, wanna go out to dinner sometime?"
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So when I was driving home last night, there were tons of flashing lights around Oakdale and Floyd, and when I got closer I saw, and it was crazy. Somebody in a little red Chevy Colorado ran into a power pole, they had to be going 40-50 mph, because the front end was smashed all the way to the cab, and they weren't moving the truck because it was holding up the power pole. I drove by it again later on and they had a huge city truck out there that was pulling down the power pole, it was crazy. Also, the Dairy Queen shopping center was completely blacked out, the only lights were somebody with their headlights on at the Nexus.
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Update on my last entry

Not five minutes ago I received a call from a number I've never seen before.

I answered and it was an unfamiliar voice. She said she was the daughter of the woman I witnessed being hit on Oakdale.

She thanked me for helping and being her mother's "guardian angel" that day, and also for positively identifying the guy that hit her.

Then she told me that her mother had broken her pelvis, and spent four days in Doctor's Hospital, and has spent the rest of the time in another place, which I can't remember the name of right now. She said they expect her to be there at least another 3 weeks, and she may never be able to live on her own again because of it. I felt terrible, but at the same time I was relieved to know that she has family that is taking care of her. It would have been much worse if she was all alone and had nobody to take care of her.

That's all for today.
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a witness

So a couple of weeks ago I was a witness at the scene of a hit and run. This oldish guy hit and elderly woman who was crossing the street with his car. I saw it all happen in my rear-view mirror and right then I realized the kind of person I am. I slammed on my brakes and put my car in park, hopped out and had my phone out dialing 911 instantly. I ran towards the lady, assuming my phone was dialing (which it wasn't because it's a gayasss piece of shit, more on that later) and was quickly in the middle of it all. The man had gotten out of his car and was making sure the lady was okay, as was I trying to make sure she was okay, and just trying to keep her talking. Once the guy saw my phone was out he started freaking out saying "you don't need to call anyone, please don't call 911" and I said "I have to call, she could be injured, she needs an ambulance" to which he replies "I can take you to the hospital ma'am, do you want to go with me to the hospital?" then he looked at me and said "Please, I don't have a license, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble if you call the police." again I said "I have to call" then with a bit more anger he points at me and says "Don't call!" at that point I got help from the street when a man in a truck yelled out "He has to call you dumbshit!" The old lady just kept laying it on the guy too, she kept saying "what were you doing? you weren't even looking at me I tried to get your attention but you just weren't paying attention" she was clearly delirious as she wouldn't stop repeating herself over and over, but then again she was also pretty elderly. Before too long some people at a nearby carwash, and a lady in a minivan wrote down the guy's license plate number, and I wished I had been smart enough to grab my camera with me so I could have gotten a picture of the guy as he walked off to his car and drove off. As he went to his car though a really cool dude got out of his car and was on the phone with 911, whereas my phone had yet to connect. Turns out this guy was a paramedic so he knew just how to take care of her, a car wash attendant didn't agree with him though, which was more obnoxious than humorous. she said that we should get her up and out of the street, to which he said "no, if she has displaced her hip and we make her stand up she's going to be in excruciating pain, and her hip may never recover." at which point I said "let's let the paramedic deal with the medical issues here. Shortly after that the fire truck showed up, then the ambulance, than a couple popo cruisers. The old woman was taken care of first and foremost, and as I stood there shaking to the core the cops asked me questions about the guy, what he looked like, what the car looked like, basic stuff. Then he asked me and the only other person who saw the guy if we could point him out in a lineup, the other lady wasn't very sure, but since I had very close interaction with him I said I could. Anyways, that was about two weeks ago, and today I got a call from the MPD saying they picked up the suspect on Friday and wanted to know if I could pick him out in a lineup. I said yes, of course, and before too long an officer came out to meet me at my work. He basically just had a sheet with 8 photos on it, and he wanted me to pick out if one of them was the guy. This is where the cop got a little shady, I almost instantly recognized the guy on my own, but the cop felt the need to use his finger that was holding the page to point out the picture he wanted me to choose. I was a little pissed, but forgave it since it was definitely the guy. The only reason I took my time looking at the picture is because I saw the guy in a ball cap and shades, but every other person on the line up was way to skinny to be the guy anyways, but his moustache, and chin gave him away pretty easily. He told me they had been trying to get him for a couple weeks, and that the car was registered to his son, and in order to get the guy out of hiding they arrested his son on domestic abuse charges, fearing that they would put the hit and run charges on him he turned himself in and confessed to the crime. He also told me that the old lady isn't doing too bad but is still suffering from the incident. I really hope she's okay. There was one thing she said at the time that stood out to me and really made me feel bad is when she said "I knew I shouldn't have gone out today" The fact that she feels that the world is such an unsafe place in the first place, and then to have her paranoia actually played out like that. I was literally shaking the whole time, I know that it wasn't a huge tragic accident or anything, but it's the only thing of that nature I have ever witnessed. I think I'll be able to handle it much better if it ever happens again though, I'm going to keep my camera handy for sure.

In other news, I have decided to ditch my phone! Boo-ya! after not being able to successfully dial 911 I decided fuck Sprint and fuck this shitty phone! I realized that what my phone does is that when you dial 911 and hit dial instead of dialing it enters "emergency mode" and once it's in "emergency mode" you have to hit dial again. I really wish someone would have told me that my phone didn't like making emergency calls when I bought it. So anyways, I'm getting an LG Shine from ATT in the next couple days. If anyone needs the number, well you should be on my myspace and you can send me a message there.
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free rice

So I don't have a lot of people on my friends list, but I thought if everyone spread this around, it would be really cool. I found this site that basically uses ad dollars they collect from people using the site and playing their game to donate rice to people in need all over the world.

Play it a little bit, and spread the word. The more hits the site gets, the more rice will be donated. It's a simple game, and if you've got nothing better to do, you'd might as well do this.
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You know what really sucks...

1. Being ditched in favor of drugs
2. Being made fun of to your face by your friends
a. and not even knowing what the joke is
3. having your friends put a mattress on your car instead of calling and saying "Hey, wanna hang out or something?"
4. Realizing the people you've been calling "friends" might not be friends anymore

Just a short list.