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Writing Project Week II

So week one was pretty good. i was pleased, definitely had some issues, but I haven't written in a while, and I didn't block up the whole time I was writing it. I may continue that story-line in the future, but I think next week will be a brand new storyline. Stixy has already offered up some new ideas that  I'll post here to keep easy track of everything. Anyone and everyone please post some ideas, last week Stixy gave me "A character who doesn't get much social interaction is suddenly privy to information that could change the world" (paraphrased) for next week so far we have
[User Picture]From: xvampiratex 2009-12-21 07:23 am (UTC)<input ... > Delete Screen Freeze Track This (Link)
Details and ideas for future stories: -horde of squirrels attacking an object they do not usually eat (I'm picturing a severed finger, but y'know, do what you wish). -hanging up garments on a clothesline. -character has compulsion to scream at inappropriate moments. -portrait of Jesus Christ on a wood-paneled wall.

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