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Gay Marriage Opponents Now Want Legal Definition of Christmas

By Ryan Garns

Opponents of gay marriage who believe marriage should only apply to heterosexuals now wish to restrict access to another sacred institution: Christmas.

"Much like traditional marriage, the traditions of Christmas have been under assault for many years now," says Brent Slabroller, leader of The Defense of Traditions Coalition. "In order to preserve those traditions, we're calling for a constitutional amendment that defines Christmas as only for Christians."

For years non-Christians have adopted the Christmas holiday as though it were their own. They decorate trees, exchange gifts, take paid time off from work -- but none of them pay any tribute to Jesus Christ. Some of them don't even go to church. Even more shocking, some of them are gay.

"Let's be honest: these non-Christians don't give a hoot about the true meaning of Christmas," says Slabroller. "They just want to exploit it for the fringe benefits."

Slabroller denied the charge that his organization is motivated by bigotry rather than the betterment of society.

"We're not saying non-Christians can't have a celebration of their own," said Slabroller. "We're just saying don't call it Christmas. Call it 'Pagan Day'. Call it 'Gee-I-Wish-I-Could-Celebrate-Christmas-But-Instead-I'm-A-Godless-Heathen' Day. Instead of singing carols, you can go door-to-door reading Charles Darwin to each other. Or the Qur'an or Harry Potter or whatever else non-Christians like to read. I wouldn't know."

In other related news: a gay rights group is calling for a legal definition of Broadway musicals in order to keep out heterosexuals. More on this as it develops.


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